Apr 25 2011

What is acid free paper?

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Acid Free PaperAcid free paper is a type of paper that has a neutral pH level of 7.0 (sometimes slightly higher). It is popular with scrap booking enthusiasts because it is less likely to deteriorate or yellow over time and will not degrade the mediums that are in close proximity. Acid free paper is vital for the extended storage of photos, notes, and documents. To remove the acids, acid free paper is often treated with chemicals. These chemicals neutralize the acids and increase the overall life of the paper. This process will typically reduce production costs and make it easier to recycle. Wood based paper, on the other hand, is naturally acidic and will often yellow and deteriorate over time due to the lignin that is found naturally in the wood used to produce it. When exposed to light or heat, it will break down even faster. Purchasing acid free paper will prevent these degradations and give your memorabilia a longer life span. Acid-free paper is often marked by the manufacturer with the infinity symbol.

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