Aug 04 2010

What is aerobic exercise? anaerobic exercise?

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Aerobic and anaerobic are terms that are most often used to describe a variety of exercising techniques. They, however, were originally used by bacteriologists to describe how different types of bacteria utilized oxygen. Aerobic is translated to “living with the presence of oxygen”, while anaerobic is defined as “living with the absence of oxygen”.

During aerobic activity your body uses oxygen to create enough energy to perform the desired actions and will do so as long as the exercise is kept at a steady pace. The oxygen taken into the body breaks down glucose which, in turn, creates the energy needed by your body during longer, steadier training sessions. Anaerobic activity, on the other hand, requires more intense movements in shorter bursts. These activities create a rapid glucose breakdown causing lactic acid to build up in your muscles and cause fatigue. Decreasing the intensity and going back to an “aerobic zone” is often required in between these types of exercises.

There is often difficulty defining the terms “aerobic” and “anaerobic” when applied to exercise. There is a gray area because individuals never actually completely transition from total aerobic to total anaerobic metabolic conditions. Instead, it’s better to view exercising at different intensities as conversions in metabolism, where the proportion between aerobic and anaerobic metabolism changes depending on the level of exertion.

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  1. evajoseph says:

    The main difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercises are in aerobic exercise is done taking lot of air inside while in anaerobic is the one where exercise is done without air i.e by controlling your breathing.

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