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What is the Algonquin Round Table?

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Algonquin Round TableThe Algonquin Round Table was an elitist group of New York City newspaper writers, actors, editors, and other creative individuals. In the early 1920’s, this group would meet daily at the Algonquin Hotel to discuss and exchange ideas and other musings. Also known as “The Vicious Circle”, many of its members acquired national reputations for their contributions in writing & literature, and for their wit. A few of the most notable members of the round table worked together on a few significant collaborative projects. The list of Algonquin Round Table members included:

  • Franklin P. Adams: New York Columnist
  • Robert Benchley: Vanity Fair editor
  • Heywood Broun: New York Tribune Sportswriter
  • Marc Connelly: Playwright
  • Edna Ferber: Novelist, Playwright
  • Margalo Gillmore: Actress
  • Jane Grant: New York Times Reporter, cofounded The New Yorker
  • Ruth Hale: Broadway Press Agent
  • Beatrice Kaufman: Editor, Writer, and Socialite
  • George S. Kaufman: Playwright, New York Times Drama Editor
  • Margaret Leech Pulitzer: Short Story Writer, Historian
  • Neysa McMein: Magazine Illustrator, Painter
  • Herman J. Mankiewicz: Press Agent, Drama Critic, and Writer
  • Harpo Marx: Actor, Comedian, and Musician
  • William B. Murray: Writer, Publicist
  • Dorothy Parker: Vanity Fair Drama Critic, Poet
  • Brock Pemberton: Broadway Producer and Director.
  • Murdock Pemberton: Broadway Press Agent, Art Critic
  • Harold Ross: Founded of The New Yorker
  • Arthur H. Samuels: Editor of Harper’s Bazaar
  • Robert E. Sherwood: Vanity Fair Drama Editor, Author, and Playwright
  • Laurence Stallings: Ex-reporter, Editor
  • Donald Ogden Stewart: Author, Playwright, and Screenwriter
  • Frank Sullivan: Journalist, Humorist
  • Deems Taylor: Music Critic, Composer
  • John Peter Toohey: Theater Press Agent
  • David Wallace: Theatrical Press Agent
  • John V. A. Weaver: Poet
  • Peggy Wood: Actress
  • Alexander Woollcott: Drama Critic

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