Jul 28 2010

What are the best directories to list a website in?

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With so many directories out there it can be difficult choosing the very best. The very best web directories are typically old (est. 1991-2002), provide clean links (SEO), have strict inclusion standards, and provide some level of human interaction and approval. Getting listed in a free directory is, of course, the preferred option. But remember, it is 2010 and the best free directories have become so backlogged it can sometimes take years to be included. Paid inclusion directories are the other option. Usually a paid inclusion directory will either charge a one time fee or charge you on an annual basis. The one time fee option will usually cost more but it will be worth it in the long run.

We’ve split each category below into free, annual fee, and one time fee.

Best Free Directories

Best Annual Fee Directories

Best One Time Fee Directories

There are also plenty of great niche directories that are worth looking into. Feel free to comment if anyone knows of any.

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