Mar 15 2011

What are the best options for cherry wood flooring?

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Cherry Wood OptionsIf you’re thinking about removing your old threadbare carpets and installing brand new wood flooring, cherry wood is a solid, cost effective option. Cherry wood flooring not only looks great but it is also hypo allergic, which is good news for asthma sufferers or individuals with allergies. There are generally two types of cherry wood that is used for flooring. The first is American cherry which is a soft wood with golden to blond shades. This type of cherry wood is suitable for rooms with light traffic. The second type is Brazilian cherry, also known as Jatoba. Brazilian cherry is a hard, dense wood, which makes it a perfect for rooms that experience high levels of traffic. The color of Brazilian cherry ranges from a pinkish red to a deep reddish brown color which actually darkens with age. For more information please visit RTA Flooring.

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