Jul 04 2011

When is the best time to buy a car?

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Best Car DealsThere are many theories concerning the best time to purchase a car to get the best price. After speaking with a number of former car dealership owners and salespeople there is actually truth to these theories. There are certain times of each month and each year that can yield significant savings if the right type of car is targeted. Here are the strategies that are recommended:

The End of the Month – Dealers and salespeople will often have monthly quotas and bonuses that hinge on deals they make late in the month. Taking advantage of this fact will typically give car shoppers the upper hand in their ability to get a better deal.

The End of the Model Year – When new car models are introduced (often late summer/early fall) the pricing of older models will typically decrease. Buying a soon to be late model car can often give the buyer the advantage in negotiations. Dealers will often want to get these cars off the lot as soon as possible to make room for the new models.

Holidays and the End of the Calendar Year – Car shopping during the holiday season and during Christmas will often yield great car deals. In cases where the showroom foot traffic is light, dealerships will often be willing to give better deals.

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