Aug 23 2010

What U.S. state has the best looking website? Worst looking?

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Here are the website grades for each U.S. state according to This is an aesthetic grade only and has little or nothing to do with the functionality or content of each. Enjoy…or not. Sorry Nevada.

  California A
  Missouri A
  Tennessee A
  Alabama A-
  Indiana A-
  Utah A-
  Delaware B+
  Idaho B+
  Iowa B+
  Kentucky B+
  Maryland B+
  Michigan B+
  Rhode Island B+
  Illinois B
  Maine B
  Nebraska B
  South Carolina B
  West Virginia B
  Arkansas C+
  Connecticut C+
  Hawaii C+
  Kansas C+
  Massachusetts C+
  Minnesota C+
  Oklahoma C+
  Pennsylvania C+
  Vermont C+
  Alaska C
  Arizona C
  Colorado C
  Louisiana C
  Mississippi C
  New Jersey C
  New York C
  Oregon C
  Washington C
  Wyoming C
  Montana C-
  New Mexico C-
  North Carolina C-
  North Dakota C-
  New Hampshire C-
  Ohio C-
  South Dakota C-
  Virginia C-
  Texas D+
  Florida D
  Georgia D
  Wisconsin D-
  Nevada F

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