Nov 30 2010

What is the difference between a broadsheet and a tabloid?

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Broadsheets and tabloids both refer to newspaper style printing. The difference between the two is page orientation. A broadsheet would be the traditional style of newspaper with a page height of approximately 21.5 to 22.75 inches tall, depending on the cut-off of a given press. The page width is determined by the width of paper being fed into the press. Broadsheets will finish with at least one fold across the mid-point of the page, called a half-fold.

A tabloid is simply a broadsheet rotated 90deg. clockwise. A slitter wheel is used to slit the spine of the broadsheet orientation, which will burst the pages of a tabloid, making it possible to open the tabloid pages. What was the front and back page of the broadsheet becomes the front, back and two center pages of a tabloid.

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