Jul 30 2010

What is camera ready art or artwork?

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Camera ready art is a popular term that is used by many printing companies to describe artwork that does not require any adjustments before printing begins. But what does it actually mean? Years ago, before computers and the digital revolution, printing companies would actually photograph the artwork and use the negatives to create the plates required for printing. Each color would have its own plate created. This process, although tedious, created excellent printed pieces.

Today, the term camera ready artwork probably only truly applies to the companies that perform these drawn out operations. There aren’t likely too many left. Most of the printing companies today work on heavy volume, making time and speed critical to turn a profit. Press ready art is the new term that should be used to describe artwork that is ready to print. Most printers will accept art from popular software like QuarkXPress, InDesign, Publisher, PageMaker, Illustrator, and Photoshop. It’s always best to check with them before submitting artwork. This will alleviate problems and give you some insight as to what they like and common problems they often run into with certain files.

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  1. Rick says:

    If I draw a color picture on an 14×11″ paper surface… what would then be the steps to converting it into an image on a book or magazine page/cover. What essentially would happen to that piece of paper I drew the picture on?

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