Jul 06 2011

What is a car VIN? Where is it located on my vehicle?

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Car VIN LocationVIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. It is a number that is assigned to all new vehicles when they are manufactured. VINs are also used to record and verify the history of vehicle maintenance after accidents and certain types of repairs. The VIN number program was first developed in the early 80’s to verify the authenticity of specific car models. Cars that were manufactured before 1981 don’t have a universal VIN and need manufacturer-specific information to verify the car model. VIN numbers, on most new cars, are typically found in a few areas including: driver side dashboard, inner wheel arch, driver’s side door frame, the engine, and sometimes the steering wheel column. The easiest way to find your VIN number is to contact the manufacturer or dealer and verify the location of the VIN by giving them the make and model of your vehicle. In addition, the VIN number is typically located on the title of your car and your auto insurance policy.

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