Aug 01 2011

What is the going rate for a cash wedding gift? Cash wedding gift etiquette?

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Cash Wedding Gift EtiquetteThe amount you should give, in cash, as a wedding gift will often vary based upon a few factors including: Your relationship to the bride and groom, the location of the wedding, your age, and your income. In many cases the amount is completely arbitrary and should not be based upon anything but the happiness you wish for the bride and groom. Many wedding websites say that cash wedding gift amounts will depend mainly on the relationship you have with the bride and groom and an acceptable gift can be anywhere from $50 – $200. If you are friends of the bride and groom, it is also acceptable to ask how much other guests plan to spend to get a better idea of what others are planning to give.

According to traditional American etiquette, “wedding gifts are purely optional”. That’s why it’s considered rude to include any mention of gifts within your wedding invitation since it may come across in a manner that might imply that you’re expecting a gift. Even though you probably are. Please leave your comments below on what you believe a good cash wedding gift would be or any other wedding cash gift etiquette suggestions you may have.

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