Jun 20 2011

What is a central vacuum system?

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Central Vacuum SystemA central vacuum system is a type of vacuum that is incorporated into a home using a series of tubes and connections. Inlet valves are placed throughout the home in specific useful locations that, when activated, can transport vacuumed dirt & debris to a remote area where it is collected. So instead of carrying a vacuum from room to room, the user can simply connect a lightweight hose to an installed valve and start vacuuming. The benefits of a central vacuum system will become evident after its first use. In most cases it has a larger, more powerful motor which creates more suction and it’s much quieter because the power base is located away from the actual vacuuming. A central vacuum system is also a healthier option since it also does not allow any recirculation of dust particles or allergens. Having a central vacuum installed has also been said to increase the overall value of your home.

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