Jul 18 2010

What are the different types/styles of corrugated boxes?

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There are a variety of corrugated box styles. The type of box you will need will ultimately be determined by the desired contents. The styles below are the most common but there are many more.

The regular slotted carton corrugated box or RSC is the most frequently used box in circulation today. They are typically used for shipping and storage but they are designed in a way that makes them suitable for almost any application. They will most often require some type of adhesive or bonding to seal them.

The half slotted carton or HSC is similar to the RSC but without one set of flaps. So it is basically an RSC without a bottom. It is typically used to cover an item over a pallet or other support structure.

The full overtop slotted carton or FOL is also similar to the RSC but instead of two flaps coming together, it has one full flap to cover the top and bottom. These boxes are a perfect solution for added protection to the top and bottom of the box.

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One Response to “What are the different types/styles of corrugated boxes?”

  1. James Landis says:

    What do you call the boxes where the flaps fit like puzzle pieces? They don’t need tape and they are easier to open. Also, I was wondering if they would have more complicated blank sheets since they are more complex.

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