Sep 10 2011

How much does it cost to ship a car overseas?

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Cost of shipping a car overseas to another country would be vary depend on several factors, the typical cost would depend on:

  • Your car type and its weight are the primary factors.
  • Distance – Shipping car would be depend on which city to pick up and where to drop, some freight companies charge per mile
  • Method – There are 2 main methods to ship cars to another country, use Roll on Roll off method which you can drive your car directly to the ship and use a 20 ft container to load your car.

Container method is more expensive rather than Roll on Roll off method but actually it’s worth especially if you ship another items along with your car (allowed)

And there will be additional cost occur such as:

  • Import Taxes – Different country has different regulation regarding import duties and taxes.
  • Shipping Insurance – Cost around 2% of your car values.
  • Brokering Fees – If you are use third parties services

The best way to get a better estimation is contact the shipping agent directly or get quoted on the car shipping companies website.

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