Jul 19 2010

What is cross stitching? What is a cross stitch pattern?

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Cross-stitching is a celebrated and accepted style of decorative embroidery. A cross stitched pattern will typically have numerous stitches in a cross shaped pattern. The combination of the patterns come together to form the image or design. The two most popular forms of cross-stitch embroidery are counted cross stitching and stamped cross stitching. Each form has a variety of options and patterns available.

Stamped Cross-Stitching allows the embroiderer the ability to follow a pattern that has already been stamped or printed onto the fabric. The temporary design will disappear after the fabric is washed, leaving only the stitched pattern.

Counted Cross-Stitching is the more popular stitching style. It involves using a separate printed pattern that can be used, along with aida cloth, to provide the embroiderer with the appropriate pattern.

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