Mar 03 2011

What is Crystal Head Vodka?

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Crystal Head VodkaCrystal Head Vodka is a relatively new (2009) type of vodka that is distilled in St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada. The beverage consists of a proprietary mash mixed with the deep glacial waters found in the Newfoundland aquifer. According to their website, the vodka is “filtered three times through charcoal and then again filtered through Herkimer diamonds”. The packaging is uniquely designed to imitate a crystal human skull, but don’t let the fancy wrapping fool you, it is “Top Shelf” Vodka. The great taste and one of a kind bottle design makes Crystal Head Vodka a truly distinctive gift. They’ve pretty much come up with something that is so genuinely unique that you’ll never see one thrown in a dumpster. It will probably highlight the bars of many “man caves” throughout the US and Canada for years to come.

Dan Aykroyd is the majority shareholder of the brand. See the video below.

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