May 11 2011

What is CSI or Crime Scene Investigation?

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CSI - Crime Scene InvestigationThe primary function of a (CSI) Crime Scene Investigation (Investigator) is to utilize specific skills and techniques that will assist them in gathering, categorizing, and authenticating physical evidence that is found at the scene of a crime. They must be capable in evaluating and reconstructing the sequence of events that may have occurred before, during, and after the crime was committed in order to locate possible physical evidence. The ultimate objective of their work is to present their findings and processing methods as evidence, in a court of law, to help stop a criminal from repeating the offense. The most important difference between CSI and forensics is that CSI typically involves field forensics at the physical scene of a crime, while traditional forensics takes place in either a laboratory or some other type of controlled environment. It is often advantageous for CSI agents to understand forensic science in order for them to properly collect evidence so it can be analyzed in the lab.

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