Jun 20 2011

What is a custom 404 error page in WordPress?

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Wordpress Custom 404A custom 404 error page in WordPress is essentially just a php file that is specifically created for visitors that have gone to a page, post, or other content that has been moved or does not exist. In many cases a webmaster will create this type of page to help improve the overall user experience and to create a destination for visitors that have somehow found a broken link. Having a 404 error page will often help prevent visitors from leaving your site as long as there is sufficient content on it, to make them stay. Creating a custom 404 page in WordPress is easy and can be created by copying your post.php file and renaming it 404.php. It is usually as easy as that. Some design skills, creativity, and basic HTML is often all you need to create a great 404 error page. Take a look at FAQAlert’s 404 error page.

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