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How can I make my decals more eye catching?

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DecalsUntil about the 1930’s, most logos tended to be the pictorial or literal kinds. Trademark characters such as the Dutch Boy, the White Rock girl, and the Fisk Tire boy, were often reproduced from large oil paintings and used as the company logo or decal. Nowadays, things have changed from oil paintings to digital eye-catching company trademarks. Decal designs today include limitless varieties of styles, graphic designs, and flashy colors. Today’s decals are more concept-driven and often dictate the style of the decal itself.

When using your company logo in a decal format, it is best to use it to achieve two or three of your marketing goals. These types of decals not only present the company name, they convert the name into an appealing graphic. This will visually display to the consumer the benefit of using your company over your competition.

The objective of your decal is to be identifiable to the public while still sustaining its unique look. But keep a cautionary outlook on the creative process. It will not be in the best interest of your company to “over-design”. This might cause some consumers to not recognize the products that your company offers, or to not even remember your logo at all!

Below are 2 steps to help you design the best decal for your company:

1) Immersion – The first step to tackling the design of a decal is to become immersed or familiar with the product or service. The goal is to find out everything there is to know about the product or service your company provides. See how the product feels, try it on/out, see how it tastes, study your company’s website, and chat with your employees! You can also study the competition to see how their decals convey to the public what they sell or provide. How do they create a sense of desire or urgency for the public to buy their product or service?

Ask yourself these 3 questions:
a) Do I want the decal to convey how we get the job done quickly?
b) Do I want the decal to be friendly and inviting to the public?
c) Do I want the decal to visually display the product or service?

2) Creative Copy – Decal inspiration will often arise automatically from immersion as discussed earlier. But there are times when you begin designing the decal in a wide range of colors, background patterns, and styles; only to find out later, you missed some of the most important points. This is where the creative copy is a helpful tool.

A recommended place for creative copy information for your decal is your local yellow pages. See how your competition’s ads appear. Are there pictures in their products or services? What colors do they use?

Another good source to gain creative copy ideas is the local bookstore. Take a look at the ads within the magazines on the shelves. Some magazines may even be based entirely on ads. If you still can’t find what you need, use various resources online and search for websites that provide the same product or service. Take note of any specific fonts, shapes, colors, or backgrounds that are used. Utilize these resources as a reference and guide to help create your own unique decal that represents your company.

When it comes to writing the text for your decal, the method of “copying” should be used as an aid and not a crutch. You do not want your decal to exactly copy the same colors, backgrounds, or shapes. This could not only lead to legal issues, but it might also cause your future customers to mistake you for your competition.

Use the information in this article to help better design your company’s decal. The goal for your decal’s design is to attract your customers to your brand instead to that of your competition. Help your customers comprehend what it is you offer while remembering your company at a later date, when they need you the most.

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