Jun 16 2011

What types of electric wheelchair batteries are on the market?

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Wheelchair BatteryThere are three types of power wheelchair batteries on the market. Each has unique features that will determine how the power is stored, the total power output, and the overall price of the battery. The method that a power wheelchair is propelled will often depend on the manufacturer and the type of battery that is used. The three types of power wheelchair batteries are:

Wet Cell Batteries – A wet cell battery requires water and a chemical reaction involving lead and sulphuric acid to create enough energy for movement. Since this type of battery uses water, they typically require frequent maintenance but are often cheaper than other battery types.

Gel Cell Batteries – A gel cell battery is similar to a wet cell battery except that it only uses enough water to form a gel that is used to power the vehicle. Since they use very little water and will not leak, a gel cell battery is the preferred choice for travelling on airplanes and cruise ships.

AGM Batteries – An (Absorbed Glass Mat) AGM battery is the latest advancement in power wheelchair batteries to date. It features an absorbent glass mat that allows for a unique and uniform distribution of the power. Like the gel cell, it is also leak free and has the unique ability store power for extended periods without decay.

You can verify the type of battery that is used in your electric wheelchair by checking the owner’s manual. In most cases the battery charger used to power each type of battery will be different.

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  1. Mobilityright says:

    Always important to purchase the correct type of battery when replacing those in your electric wheelchair.

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