Nov 02 2010

How to set email piping in Vision Helpdesk?

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Email piping means redirecting email that are coming to an email address to a php/cgi script.


Open file — /etc/valiases/

Assuming that we are setting up,, we will create the corresponding entries in the file as follows: “|/full_path_to/manage/pipe.php” “|/full_path_to/manage/pipe.php” “|/full_path_to/manage/pipe.php”

Save the alias file and run this command on shell – newaliases This will add the alias file.

Setting Email Piping in cPanel —

cPanel use exim mail server and you can set alias from cPanel too — cPanel >> Mail section Forwarders set – “|/full_path_to/manage/pipe.php” “|/full_path_to/manage/pipe.php” “|/full_path_to/manage/pipe.php”

Read more on How to set Email Piping on SendMail , Qmail and Postfix.

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