Home Improvement : FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Frequently asked home improvement questions. These are common questions that home improvement suppliers will often receive on a day to day basis. If you are a company involved in supplying home improvement equipment or supplies and would like to sponsor an FAQ for free, please use the link above.

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Mar 13 2013

Will my homeowners insurance cover water damage due to a flooded basement?

Oct 06 2012

How can a bathroom be cleaned naturally?

Jun 22 2012

How much does a fence cost?

Jan 31 2012

Should I have my roof completely replaced if there is a leak?

Jan 26 2012

What is a tankless water heater?

Dec 28 2011

What type of lubricant should be used on a door lock cylinder?

Dec 01 2011

Is it necessary to have a lock on my garage door?

Aug 25 2011

How long does it take to replace a roof?

Jun 22 2011

What is composite decking?

Jun 20 2011

What is a central vacuum system?

Jun 16 2011

What are honeycomb blinds or cellular shades?

May 18 2011

What is parquet flooring?

May 17 2011

What is strip flooring? Wide plank flooring?

May 17 2011

What is a paint primer? When should it be used?

May 09 2011

What is a subcontractor?

May 08 2011

What are architectural shingles?

Apr 09 2011

What is an ice dam on a roof?

Apr 08 2011

What is roof flashing?

Mar 15 2011

What are the best options for cherry wood flooring?

Mar 02 2011

What is a floating wood floor?

Mar 02 2011

What is an engineered wood floor?

Feb 17 2011

What is monolayer extrusion in vinyl fencing?

Feb 16 2011

What is co-extrusion in vinyl fencing?

Dec 28 2010

How much does it cost to remodel a kitchen?

Dec 15 2010

What is varnish?

Aug 21 2010

How do you clean the yellowing on a vinyl fence?

Aug 11 2010

What is wall to wall carpeting?

Jul 20 2010

Where can I find a list of ceiling fan manufacturers?

Jul 17 2010

What temperature does it have to be to paint outdoors/outside?

Jul 15 2010

What companies make the best ceiling fans? Most unique ceiling fans?

Jul 13 2010

What is the difference between softwood and hardwood?

Jul 01 2010

How does a fluorescent light bulb work?

Jun 29 2010

What is vinyl fence made of? How is it made?

Jun 27 2010

What does fiberglass insulation do for my home?

Jun 19 2010

How do you differentiate between granite and marble?

May 07 2010

Can I manually open my garage door if my garage door opener is broken?

May 05 2010

What are linoleum floors made from?

May 03 2010

What is the difference between privacy fence and semi-privacy fence?

Apr 24 2010

What is LED lighting?

Feb 23 2010

What is laminate flooring?