Medical Supplies : FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Frequently asked questions, FAQs on medical supplies like wheelchairs, scooters, AEDs, and other medical equipment. These are common questions that medical supplies and equipment dealers receive on a day to day basis. If you own or are affiliated with a medical supply company or website that is focused on medical supplies and would like to sponsor an FAQ for free, please use the link above.

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Mar 21 2012

What is a centrifuge?

Mar 05 2012

Can a car battery be used in an electric wheelchair?

Feb 27 2012

What types of batteries are available for electric wheelchairs?

Jul 28 2011

What is an AED? What is a defibrillator?

Jun 16 2011

What types of electric wheelchair batteries are on the market?

Jun 14 2011

What is a tilt in space wheelchair?

Jun 14 2011

Where can I find a list of power wheelchair brands?

Jun 13 2011

Are there off-road power wheelchairs available?

Jun 05 2011

What are nitrile gloves?

May 25 2011

What is the first step in obtaining a mobility device through Medicare?

May 24 2011

How does healthcare reform affect Medicare and power wheelchairs?

May 23 2011

What is the difference between a power wheelchair and a power scooter?

May 16 2011

What is stainless steel? 316L stainless steel?

May 11 2011

What is a rollator?

Mar 17 2011

What is an autoclave?

Sep 03 2010

What are diabetic shoes?

Jul 23 2010

What is memory foam? What is a memory foam mattress?

Jul 22 2010

What is a bariatric wheelchair?

Jul 05 2010

What is a zero gravity lift chair?

Jun 10 2010

What does wheelchair accessible mean?

Jun 02 2010

Can an AED be used on a wet surface?

Mar 11 2010

What is a public access AED/defibrillation?

Mar 08 2010

What does AED stand for?

Mar 03 2010

What is a mobility scooter?