Office Supplies : FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Frequently asked office supply questions. These are common questions that office supply companies will often receive on a day to day basis. If you are a office supply company and would like to sponsor an FAQ for free, please use the link above.

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Aug 07 2011

What does the fuser do on a laser printer?

Aug 05 2011

What is a continuous ink system?

Aug 05 2011

How is glossy photo paper different from matte printer paper?

Jul 30 2011

What are Tyvek® envelopes?

Jul 30 2011

What are the standard sizes of business/office envelopes?

Jul 29 2011

What is the difference between hot lamination and cold lamination?

Jul 05 2011

What does ergonomics mean?

Jun 09 2011

What is a paper jogger? Paper jogging machines?

Jun 02 2011

What is duplex printing on a laser or ink printer?

Jun 01 2011

What type of oil/lubricant should be used in a paper shredder?

May 10 2011

What is a paper folder or paper folding machine?

May 03 2011

What is an ink refill kit?

Apr 06 2011

What are OEM ink cartridges?

Sep 08 2010

What is a modular binding punch?

Sep 08 2010

What is a cross-cut paper shredder? Why should I use one?

Aug 22 2010

How often should paper shredder blades be oiled?

Jul 10 2010

What are #10 envelopes?

Jul 08 2010

What is a cold laminator?

Jul 07 2010

What is a roll laminator?

Jul 06 2010

What is a pouch laminator?

Jul 03 2010

What are remanufactured ink cartridges?

Jul 03 2010

What is a DOD approved high security paper shredder?

Feb 24 2010

What are cross cut paper shredders?

Feb 24 2010

Is there a way to sharpen paper shredder blades?

Feb 23 2010

Are inkjet cartridges less expensive online?