Jun 27 2010

What does fiberglass insulation do for my home?

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Fiberglass insulation is a synthetic, cost effective construction material that is typically used to reduce heat flow in your home or other temperature controlled environment. It is created using silica sand as well as other recycled glass materials. The sand and glass is heated and spun to create micro-thin fibers that are then packaged in rolls and installed along the perimeter of your home. The reduction in heat flow allows the dwelling to use less energy when heating and cooling and should increase the overall comfort. Fiberglass materials allow you to avoid the potential for increased energy usage and thus benefit your home and the environment by helping to reduce pollution emissions.

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One Response to “What does fiberglass insulation do for my home?”

  1. Kenny says:

    Fiberglass insulation has several disadvantages involving certain health related issues involving respiratory problems. The fibers can leak from the attic and be blown through insulated duct board whenever the AC or furnace is on. These loose fibers should never enter a living area and all proper precautions should be taken to prevent these situations.

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