Sep 25 2010

What is FieldTurf or Field Turf?

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FieldTurf is a type of synthetic playing surface that is often installed in place of natural grass in a variety of professional, collegiate, and high school sporting venues. It is created using a monofilament polyethylene blend of fibers that resembles natural grass. The bottom section or infill is composed of rounded cryogenic rubber with a layer of washed silica sand that can compress and expand to provide stability. This patented technology has been proven to reduce certain injuries and improve all around safety.

Not only does FieldTurf serve as a low maintenance alternative to natural grass, it can also be used in specialized areas like golf greens, landscaping, and playgrounds. FieldTurf also provides these added benefits to the environment.

  • FieldTurf is entirely recyclable
  • No impact on water resources
  • No use of pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides, and herbicides
  • No mowing, aerating and re-seeding
  • Removes millions of tires from landfill sites each year
  • Reduce asthma or allergy attacks
  • Is not a hospitable environment for growth of MRSA (staph) bacteria

When FieldTurf needs to be replaced the materials can be recycled and used to create a number of the products below.

  • School bags
  • Batting cages
  • Barn mats
  • Top dressing for natural grass
  • Lining for highway barrels and backing for road bases
  • Tote bags
  • T-shirts

FieldTurf is manufactured and installed across the US by the FieldTurf Tarkett division of Tarkett Inc., based in Calhoun, Georgia.

FieldTurf - Field Turf

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