Aug 05 2011

How is glossy photo paper different from matte printer paper?

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Glossy Photo PaperGlossy printer paper is a type of paper that is manufactured with a special, light reflective, shiny finish that gives it the ability to produce much sharper images compared to typical copy paper. These qualities make it especially well-suited for photographic prints. Most modern ink printers can easily print on glossy photo paper giving users easy access to traditional photo developing methods. Glossy paper is more expensive and will attract more dust and fingerprints than other types of paper. Matte printing paper, on the other hand, has a dull finish that can be used for everyday document printing. It will not produce any glare but yield highly saturated images, while still maintaining excellent highlights and details. Choosing between matte and glossy paper will ultimately come down to your needs, the type of printer you use, and your pocketbook.

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