Jul 29 2011

What is the difference between hot lamination and cold lamination?

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LaminatorHot lamination is a durable laminating method that is typically used in office environments to protect important documents, certificates, and other flat items. A hot laminator works by heating and melting a plastic laminate (pouch or film) that sticks to and seals the inserted substrate. The disadvantage of hot lamination is that the process can sometimes reach temperatures in excess of 300°F which can cause certain materials to melt or run. Even with this weakness, the hot lamination process is still considered the superior method. It will provide better overall quality and durability than cold lamination (as long as it can withstand the heat).

Cold lamination, on the other hand, utilizes pressure and adhesives to essentially sandwich the document between two sheets of laminate. A cold laminator uses rollers that push the pressure-sensitive plastics together. Cold laminators typically work faster and are easier to use than hot laminators. Any heat sensitive documents or items using ink may be better suited for cold lamination.

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