Aug 25 2011

How long does it take to replace a roof?

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RoofingIt really depends on the type of roof. Is it commercial or residential? What types of materials are being used? In any case, replacing a roof will typically be a labor-intensive task. A small roofing project should be completed in a few days. A larger, complex roof that includes a tear-off may require a week or possibly more. The amount of time involved for installation will also be affected by the weather as well. Rain and snow will typically slow the process significantly. This is where an experienced roofer can be invaluable. An experienced roofing installation expert should be able give you some input as to how long a particular job will take as well as possible delays they have experienced in the past. If the completion of your roof by a certain date is critical you should discuss the length of the project with several roofers and choose one that is able to complete it in the desired time.

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