Jun 22 2012

How much does a fence cost?

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The cost or price of a fence will ultimately depend on 5 factors.

Materials – The materials you choose for your fence will have a lot to do with the overall cost. Fence materials such as wood, vinyl, aluminum, and chain link have different price points. In most cases wood and chain link fence will be the least expensive options with vinyl and aluminum costing the most. How long will your fence last? The long term cost of a fence should also be examined. Wood fence, for instance, has a much shorter life span than either vinyl or aluminum and requires twice the maintenance.

The Height – Is the fence being built for privacy or just to enclose an area? If you need a fence over 6ft high, you’ll probably need to have custom panels manufactured. Most wood and vinyl fence manufacturers can create panels in almost any height but the price will exponentially increase the higher you go.

The Area – How many fence panels do you need? How big is the area you are fencing? The amount of fence you need will also play a large part in the overall price. Most fence companies will offer fence in 6ft – 8ft panels. If you are buying materials for yourself, keep in mind that posts may be sold separately.

The Quality – Don’t overlook the quality of the fence materials when looking at the overall price of a fence. The quality of materials is the most important factor when looking at your overall cost. For instance, some vinyl fence manufacturers will create thinner profiles that over time will deteriorate faster than quality (100% virgin) vinyl. Some wood fence manufacturers will use lower quality wood that will ultimately wither faster in certain weather conditions.

Installation – If you are installing the fence yourself you can skip this factor. Most fence companies will charge nearly as much for installation as they do for the materials. If you are using 6ft wide panels you’ll typically be charged even more because the installation will take longer (20% more posts and concrete).

Determining the overall cost of a fence isn’t as cut and dry as you might think. There are a number of hidden factors that go into the overall price that a fence company will charge you. Make sure you have all of the facts on hand to make accurate comparisons between quotes.

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