Jan 20 2011

What is image stabilization in a digital camera?

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The image stabilizers in a digital camera help prevent the blurring of images that can often occur as a result of the camera shaking in your hand. Image stabilization is particularly useful in fully zoomed shots, or pictures taken in low light. There are typically two methods of image stabilization: optical and digital.

Optical Image Stabilization is a hardware based function that monitors the movements of the camera. If the camera begins to shake, it will immediately shift the path to the image sensor to compensate for the movement. This stabilizes the picture before they are converted digitally. Some digital cameras even offer the optical image stabilization in the lens itself.

Digital Image Stabilization, on the other hand, utilizes no physical shifting within the camera. Instead, it increases the camera’s sensitivity to light and increases the shutter speed. It may also use in-camera processing to sharpen the image. Not as ideal as optical image stabilization.

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