Jul 26 2012

What are some interesting and unique pizza toppings?

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Unique Pizza ToppingsHere are some interesting and unique pizza toppings if you are tired of the typical pepperoni pizza. You can slice some Idaho potatoes on the dough and put a white cheddar sauce on it along with crushed chives and thyme for a potato pizza. You can top this pizza with cheddar cheese to make it like a baked potato on a pizza dough. Another idea is to create an Indian-style pizza with a coconut curry sauce, shredded coconut, diced cubes of chicken, red chile peppers, roasted garlic and even pineapples.

Another idea for creative pizza toppings is Brussels sprouts with roasted pancetta and Italian sausage along with sautéed red onions. You can also prepare your pizza with shredded carrots, raisins and pieces of baked ham pieces for an unusual twist to this meal. If you want to express your love of chocolate and coffee, create a chocolate pizza with Nutella spread, melted chocolate-covered espresso beans, chocolate chunks, butterscotch chips and drizzles of caramel.

If you are going for a more European flair with your pizza, you can make a Provencal-style pizza with shredded green beans, hard-boiled eggs, black olives, canned tuna or salmon, olive oil vinaigrette and green onions.

You can also add a Southern flair to your pizza with a barbecue pulled pork pizza. Top your pizza dough with chunky barbecue sauce then place the pulled pork, sautéed yellow onions, red kidney beans and crushed garlic on the dough.

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