Sep 21 2011

Can I save money using an international printing company?

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International PrintingIn many industries, taking advantage of international pricing is often advantageous and profitable. Overseas markets will often offer the lowest prices. The printing industry is a bit different though since international costs are not particularly lower than printing companies located domestically. Most industries that outsource to overseas markets do so because of the cost of labor. In the printing industry, most of the costs lie in the production and materials (very little labor). This explains why international printing companies are not necessarily the most cost effective means of production. If you are looking for a reputable printing company, stay local. The quality of most local printing companies and their locations should be enough to offset any discount that you might receive from an international supplier.

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One Response to “Can I save money using an international printing company?”

  1. James Chang says:

    I respectfully disagree with the answer above. While I partially agreed that overseas “printing” is not for every category in the print market, it does show significant savings in its niche share of the market. While most simple jobs such as a 32 page saddle stitched brochure can be done fully automated with little to no human labor at all, a case bound hard cover book is completely different. It is true that the 32 page brochure might be priced the same between overseas printer and domestic printer; but the hard cover will have a significant difference up to 40% savings in comparison. In general, overseas printing is about customization. It is about standing out from the rest of your competitor and goes beyond the average print, for “less” the cost.

    Overseas printing offers what would have been ridiculously priced here in the state such as foil stamping, embossing, spot UV, customization in general; into something that is affordable and achievable. The power of overseas printing will allow end buyers to customize their product into something unique without upsetting their budget and maintain a reasonable price range. Furthermore, in today’s overseas print market, quality is less known to be an issue. Overseas printing market has been around for more than a decade. Through the past 10 years, companies like us (Cross Blue Overseas Printing) have been working tirelessly in improving the outcome of our manufacturing abilities to the US standards. In most cases, you’ll only find that overseas print quality is just as good, if not better, than the US domestic productions.

    In conclusion, overseas printing continued to exist today for a good reason. While saving the cost is your biggest benefit, you’ll enjoy values of being different and standing out without hurting your budget. After all, the reason you go to print in the first place is to achieve a certain goal; and no matter what your goal is today, overseas printing has the capability to amplify your result through affordable unique printing and design.

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