Jul 09 2010

What is Interpol?

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Interpol is short for International Criminal Police Organization. They are an international police agency headquartered in Lyon, France. Since they are classified as an organization they can’t really make arrests. They are merely a liaison for the real police in the 188 member countries that utilize them. Interpol will often go after criminals that are involved in gun smuggling, terrorism, drug trafficking, immigration, stolen cars, fraud, and other crimes that involve moving contraband across borders.

Interpol holds one of the largest databases of unsolved crimes, criminal profiles, and stolen goods. Nations that are members of Interpol can access certain parts of the database and the official police of member nations are often encouraged to use information stored by Interpol if a major crime has occurred. Many criminals with international syndicates will likely have committed crimes in other countries making use of the database an extremely valuable utility.

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