Aug 07 2010

What is latch hook? What is a latch hook kit?

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Latch hook is a craft that utilizes small pieces of colored precut yarn that is attached to a canvas grid. The end result is typically a rug, pillow, or other decorative art piece that can easily be framed. The actual “latch hook” is a special tool that features a hook, hinged clasp, and either a wood or plastic handle. The yarn and hook are inserted into one square of the canvas grid and pulled through. This process is then repeated using different colors until the grid is complete and the desired image or layout has been achieved. Latch hook kits are typically offered in most craft stores and come in a variety of pre-colored styles and shapes. A color guide is also included within each kit so you know exactly where to add each precut piece of yarn. A latch hook kit will frequently not include the actual latch hook tool. They are usually sold separately but are very inexpensive.

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