Sep 01 2010

What is letterpress printing?

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Letterpress printing is a method of printing text with movable type, where the raised face of the die is inked and pressed against the paper. Letterpress printing equipment can only produce one color at a time, making using multiple colors a challenge. Below are the three types of letterpress printing machines in use today.

Rotary Printer


Rotary Letterpress Printing


Platen Printer


Platen-type Letterpress Printing


Flat Bed Printer


Flat-Bed Cylinder Letterpress Printing


Letterpress printing has since been replaced by offset printing, digital printing and other processes, but it is still used for some newspapers, books, and limited edition prints. Letterpress printing may also be used for producing small quantities of business cards, letterhead, and posters if you are lucky enough to find someone that still does it.

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