Dec 28 2011

What type of lubricant should be used on a door lock cylinder?

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There are several conflicting opinions regarding the use of lubricants on lock cylinders. These debates are warranted because in many cases the lubricant that is chosen by a locksmith will depend on a number of variables. Different areas of the country and certain environmental conditions may call for different types of lubricants.

3 in 1 oil, WD-40, graphite, and silicone can all be used depending on the conditions. Each one has certain strengths and weaknesses that can affect the performance of the lock. Petroleum based oils can ruin lock cylinders because dirt and other debris will stick to the surface of the lock. Graphite works best in colder conditions but will gum up a lock in humid climates. Silicone does not attract dirt or dust like petroleum based lubricants but will not help with existing corrosion.

One popular product that many locksmiths swear by is called Houdini Lock Lubricant. It has become the industry standard for door locks and can be used for commercial and residential applications. It is a non-petroleum based product that will not gum up. It will drive out moisture and cleans as it lubricates. No teflon, silicone, or graphite is used in the product. See the product here. Also see – The Great Oil Debate.

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