Sep 01 2012

What are some ideas for making money in high school?

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High School Make MoneyOne way to make money while in high school is to mow your neighbors’ lawns every weekend. Many people started lawn care businesses by mowing lawns as teenagers, and now they have a larger company that hires several employees. You want to research the average cost of landscaping workers in your city and use this as a way to charge clients. Another idea is to cook meals and deliver them during lunchtime to workers on their lunch break. Paula Deen sent her teenage sons out to deliver lunches and now the whole family is successful.

You can also tutor elementary school students in subjects such as mathematics, English and science. To search for clients, pass out flyers to elementary schools, community centers that need tutors, churches, daycare centers and near public parks where families hang out. Another way to find clients is by asking your friends for assistance.

If you are at least 18 years old, you can write articles for online freelance writing websites and earn extra cash to assist with family finances. You want to choose a freelance writing website that offers the best pay rates as well as increased advancement in your salary.

Fast food restaurants may not be the best-paying or most glamorous job around but this job will teach you discipline, time management and how to get along with others. You can open a savings account and save up for the computer you need to build your own article writing service one day.

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