Oct 03 2012

Can mayonnaise be used for skin care?

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Mayonnaise Facial MaskOne idea is to make a mayonnaise facial mask. In a bowl, you can combine a fourth cup of organic mayonnaise, a few teaspoons of lime juice and a few teaspoons of honey along with tiny pieces of dried mint leaves. Apply the mask to your face and let it stay on your face for ten to fifteen minutes and then rinse it off. The facial mask smoothes and refreshes your face. Your hair is part of your skin and if you want your hair to be conditioned without the use of unknown chemicals that are in most conditioners, an all-natural hair mayonnaise will do the trick.

Another idea is to make a homemade manicure cuticle cream with the mayonnaise. In a small bowl, combine an eighth cup of mayonnaise and a few teaspoons of lemon juice. Stir thoroughly and apply to your nail’s cuticles, then let the cream sit for ten minutes before rinsing the mixture off.

Mayonnaise has vinegar and it is this ingredient that is helpful in relieving sunburn. When you have really bad sunburn, you can put some mayonnaise on it if you ran out of your faithful tube of sunburn ointment. If you have hard, dry and flaky feet and elbows, you can scrub them with a paste made out of powdered milk, lemon juice and mayonnaise. When you finish using the mixture, your feet and elbows will soft and smooth.

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