May 25 2011

What is the first step in obtaining a mobility device through Medicare?

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Doctor/PhysicianThe first step in obtaining a Medicare-covered power mobility device, such as an electric wheelchair or a power scooter, is to obtain a determination of medical need from a treating practitioner. This is accomplished with a face-to-face mobility examination conducted in a doctor’s office. During the office visit, a patient’s mobility needs and mobility functioning will be thoroughly evaluated through discussion and a physical exam. Once the physician determines that a mobility device is necessary according to Medicare’s clinical coverage criteria, a prescription can be written and the approval process continues. Specific documentation must be presented to Medicare within 45 days of the evaluation, including the prescription, any doctor’s notes, and written summary. More information on the approval process for powered mobility products can be found at

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One Response to “What is the first step in obtaining a mobility device through Medicare?”

  1. Safire Allison says:

    Thanks Hoveround, for providing this question and answer. Hoveround, in my opinion, really cares about the people they help with their power wheelchairs. Hoveround tries to help as much as they can — even when Medicare denies a claim, they go to bat and appeal on the person’s behalf.

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