Oct 02 2012

What are some natural remedies for stomach pain?

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Stomach Pain RemedyOne natural remedy for stomach pain is to eat smaller portions of meals because when you eat an overload of food in a day, this causes stomach pain. You should also cut back on very spicy foods for a few days or weeks until the pain goes away, since spicy foods sometimes irritates the stomach. If you are frustrated and stressed out, you may get stomach pain because the anxiety boosts the acid levels in the stomach. Peppermint can relieve stomach pain because it has been proven to cure minor digestive problems. If you drink two cups of the tea a day, you should see changes.

Ginger has the phenol compounds and volatile oil that cures stomach problems successfully. The Chinese have used ginger for many centuries as a way to treat stomach pain and this is one reason why ginger is one of the most popular herbal medicines around. You can take advantage of ginger’s benefits by drinking ginger-lemon tea with honey. Chamomile is another herb that when used in tea, can relieve stomach pain. Yogurt is a good thing to eat for stomach pain because it has the good bacteria your stomach needs to function.

Sometimes a good hot bath with essential oils in the water is a great way to heal stomach pain. If you do not have essential oils, you can throw in some chopped herbs such as lavender, chamomile or even mint.

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