Sep 18 2010

What does the new $100 bill design look like?

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To help fight counterfeiting, the U.S. government will often redesign their currency. The redesign of the new one-hundred dollar bill introduces a number of advanced security features including: a 3d security ribbon, a 3d inkwell, a portrait watermark, an additional security thread embedded in the paper, and a 100 printed in shifting ink.

To help guarantee an easier introduction of the new $100 bill, the U.S. Treasury Department has setup a global education program to notify consumers of the changes. Educating the public is the easiest way to help fight counterfeiting. All current US $100 dollar bills remain legal tender, regardless of when they were issued.

The new design of the $100 dollar bill is shown below.

New $100 Bill Design

New $100 Dollar Bill Design - Back

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