May 19 2011

What are the numbers on the bottom of a check?

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ChecksThe row of numbers located on the bottom of a check serve a few distinct purposes for both the individual account holder and the bank. These numbers typically designate, in order, the banks routing number (also known as the ABA number), the individual/business checking account number, and the check number. It is a good idea to be familiar with these numbers because they are often needed for a variety of purposes including: direct deposits, automatic payments, wire transfers, and other circumstances that require access to the funds in your bank account.

  • Routing Number (ABA) – Usually a 9 digit number that identifies the bank where your funds are held. Typically the first number, from left to right, on the bottom of your checks.
  • Account Number – Identifies the individual/business account. The second number and the one you will use the most.
  • Check Number – Often the last of three numbers on the bottom of a check. Will also have a matching check number on the top right corner of most standard banking checks.

When checks are printed by the bank, they will often use a sophisticated magnetic ink that gives their electronic banking equipment the ability to read your check during processing and to prevent certain kinds of fraud.

Check Numbers

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  1. Swapnil says:

    I think, first digits starting from left to right are called as Cheque number. Then comes routing number. After Routing number, the financial institution code and finally the account number.

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