Jul 26 2010

What is the open directory project (ODP)? What is DMOZ?

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The open directory project (ODP), sometimes referred to as DMOZ, is a one of the largest human edited directories on the web. DMOZ is the abbreviated version of its original URL, directory.mozilla.org. The ODP is owned by AOL (previously Netscape) but is maintained and managed by a close knit group of volunteer editors. Google, as well as many other independent web sites, pull DMOZ directory data for use in their own directories. For this reason alone, it can have a major impact on a websites search engine standing if they are lucky enough to be included.

Submitting to the ODP is easy. Actually getting listed is a little tougher. Their strict inclusion policy coupled with about a billion spammers trying to get included and you’ve created the perfect storm of inefficiency. The editors at DMOZ do the best they can with the relatively small amount of resources at their disposal. It seems like it has become an uphill battle since it is also very difficult to become an editor as well.

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