May 10 2011

What is a paper folder or paper folding machine?

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Paper Folding MachineA paper folder is a type of machine that is used to automate the process of folding paper. They are typically used for letters, brochures, and other documents that require the tedious and monotonous task of folding so they can be placed into an envelope or mailer. Most office paper folders can produce a variety of different folds to accommodate multiple needs and have the ability to fold hundreds and even thousands of sheets per hour. These qualities will often allow a company or organization to Increase productivity and efficiency by allowing employees to work on other, more important assignments. Most paper folders are manufactured to either use friction or air to manipulate the paper before folding.

  • Friction Paper Folders – Designed to fold mostly uncoated paper of virtually any weight.
  • Vacuum/Air Paper Folders – Designed to handle coated and uncoated paper stock.

Other options are also offered on more sophisticated paper folding machines like auto-setup, auto feed, static elimination, and paper counters.

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