May 27 2011

How can parents raise environmentally conscious children?

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Raising eco-friendly children requires consistency and dedication to instilling within them a strong sense of responsibility for the natural environment. Some of the ways parents can educate their children about valuing the planet are as follows:

  • Teach children the importance of natural ingredients and organically-grown foods.
  • Involve children in Earth Day events where they can learn about human-generated environmental hazards and their potential solutions.
  • Encourage children to recycle and to discover innovative uses for items that might ordinarily end up in landfills.

Lead by example and demonstrate the simple, everyday ways to be environmentally responsible (don’t waste water, keep thermostat settings moderate, use recyclable materials, don’t leave electronics on when no one is using them, etc). A little effort today in bringing up a child to appreciate and respect the earth can go a long way towards building a better tomorrow. More articles & information on how moms can enable and nurture eco-friendly families can be found at Suite 101.

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