Apr 29 2011

What are photo etched lapel pins?

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Lapel PinsPhoto-etched lapel pins (also known as soft enamel pins) are detailed, solid color designed lapel pins that are created by transferring artwork from a film negative to a metal sheet. The design is etched into metal using special acids. Once the design is in place, the acids and other impurities are removed. The grooves that remain after the acid etching process is completed are filled with a variety of colored enamels using a syringe. After the colors are added, the sheet metal is heated which makes the enamel harden. The pins are then removed from the metal sheet leaving only the colors and the custom design. The raised divided sections of the lapel pins are plated, polished and an epoxy coating is often added to the final product to shield the colored enamels from scratches and general wear and tear. They are often the most popular choice for baseball and softball teams and are often considered the most economical lapel pin.

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