May 08 2011

What are polarized lenses? What are the benefits?

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Polarized LensesRegular dark lenses in most sunglasses are manufactured to give the user a reduction in light intensity. Polarized lenses, on the other hand, have the ability to reduce glare and haze by selectively eliminating the reflection from certain light sources as well as providing a barrier to UV light. A polarized lens is essentially just an optical filter that allows useful light to reach your eyes while blocking any scattered light, or glare. The majority of inexpensive polarized lenses utilize a film which is added to the outer surface of your sunglasses. This will often be enough for the average person but sometimes certain users require eye protection that does a little more. Higher end polarized lens manufacturers will actually bond the polarizing filter to the lens at the molecular level. This process, although more expensive, is said to increase clarity and reduce eye strain more effectively than the standard polarized film coating. In most brand names you “will see a difference” with these higher quality optics. With polarized sunglasses it is usually a “you get what you pay for scenario” which isn’t necessarily bad because, for some people, buying $200 sunglasses isn’t necessary. A $10 pair will do the job for 90% of users.


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