Sep 07 2011

What is a powertrain? What is a powertrain warranty?

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PowertrainThe powertrain is made up of the engine, the transmission, the drive axle, the drive shaft, and other power based components. It is essentially anything responsible for powering the car. The powertrain transfers energy to the transmission, which then transfers power to the wheels of the car. A powertrain warranty is a type of guarantee that is typically offered by most car manufacturers. It will cover all or part of the powertrain, so if a problem occurs, the costs associated with repair or replacement are covered by the warranty. It is often a good idea to look over the extent of the coverage. It typically varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and may not cover certain important parts and often substantial costs. For example, some warranties only cover the inspection and disassembly of the damaged part, but not the reassembly, installation, or labor associated with the repair. Make sure to thoroughly inspect your powertrain warranty before taking your car in for a repair at the dealership.

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