Jul 20 2010

What are pressure sensitive labels?

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Pressure sensitive labels are labels that can be applied to a variety of packages, documents, and other surfaces. They are produced with an adhesive backing that, when pressure is applied, will stick to most non-damp, non-porous surfaces. Pressure sensitive labels are unique because they do not require any outside material or chemical, such as water, heat, or glue, to activate the adhesion.

Pressure sensitive labels are typically created using a number of layers. Each layer performs an important function in creating and applying the finished product and will often vary depending on the use. The layers, in order, are top coating, facestock, primer, adhesive, release coating, and liner.

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2 Responses to “What are pressure sensitive labels?”

  1. Master Tape Printers says:

    Pressure sensitive labels are sometimes also called peel-off labels.

  2. Lofton Label says:

    Indeed, the ability to peel them off makes them quite useful for direct mail applications.

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